Yoga | Mindfulness | Movement Therapy

— Wellbeing, Performance Optimisation, Post-Injury Rehabilitation —

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Movement Therapy sessions

2022 – current: 1-to-1 bespoke movement therapy sessions targeted to your goals, including mindfulness, wellbeing, performance optimisation and post-injury rehabilitation. This may include work on proprioceptive, myofascial & kinetic lines, incorporating trainings from yoga, mindfulness, Anatomy Trains, Animal Flow, Functional Range Systems, Neurokinetic Therapy, Joanne Elphinston Movement System (JEMS).

Yoga/Animal Flow/ Movement Teaching

2019 – current: 1-to-1 or small group classes and workshops

Previous public classes at Clerkenwellbeing (2014-2016); Crossfit London (2015-2017); Gymbox (cover, 2017-2019); Yogahaven (2016-2019).